• Services

    Prompt service
    We have about 60 vehicles around Ala Moana and Waikiki which are the two busiest areas in Honolulu city. Upon the service request, our operator will search for the taxi in the closest vicinity and let our customer know the estimated time of arrival.

    Luxurious vehicles
    Pony taxi only provides luxurious vehicles such as Lexus or Acura from sedan, SUV to Van. So you can choose from a wide range of selection for your safety and convenience.

    Foreign language service
    Drivers as well as operators can speak English, Korean and Japanese to provide convenient service to our customers.

    High quality service
    Pony Taxi is recognized as the best taxi service in Hawaii for our long history and reputation. We will provide the high quality service that other companies can’t compete.

    Safety service
    Anybody can use Pony Taxi such as females, people who are drunk, students or senior citizens. Drivers who are right for our company’s reputation will make sure you get home safely. All operation records are stored for 3 months.

    Sanitary / non-smoking service
    Have you ever had bad experiences with the smell of cigarettes? We keep non-smoking policy for all our vehicles for clean transportation environment.

    Taxi service for business purpose
    If you need to arrange a taxi for business purpose, please contact us. If you have a contract with Pony Taxi, your staffs can just sign on the voucher after using our service. We will charge you monthly to improve efficiency. Young students can also utilize this service.

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